Air-Knife Clearing

WPI’s Geoscience Department also provides air knifing services for a variety of situations, including:

  • Pre-drilling location clearance
  • Underground utility location verification
  • Cathodic protection installation
  • Underground piping and conduit repairs
  • Manway and valve box cleaning/maintenance
  • Rehabilitation/de-silting of small diameter injection wells

The Air Knife technology utilizes high-velocity air to penetrate, expand, and break up soil. The soil and rock is then removed from the hole using a powerful vacuum. Main advantages of using high-velocity air over other means of excavation are:

  • Safety - Using air to break up the soil and remove it from the hole is far less likely to cause damage to underground utilities than mechanical excavation methods
  • Speed – The air knife equipment is more efficient for small excavation, can excavate numerous without re-locating the equipment, and is easy to move when relocation is required.

Download the air knife clearing brochure.