Design/Build of 400 GPM BIOGAC Groundwater Treatment Systems, Bakersfield Terminal and Refinery

Bakersfield, CA

This groundwater pump and treat system was designed and constructed by WPI for a Bakersfield, CA Terminal and Refinery.  The purpose of this system was to recover MTBE and TBA impacted groundwater that was rapidly migrating off-site.  WPI's system consisted of  two 200 gpm BioGAC groundwater treatment units that contained combined totals of 120,000 pounds of activated carbon, 160,000 gallons of backwash water storage, effluent aeration, and several thousand feet of underground conveyance piping.  WPI provided the complete system design and engineering (including mechanical, electrical and structural components).  Permitting, construction, bed seeding, and the startup process of the $1.5 million system was completed within seven weeks.  To achieve project timeline requirements, many of the design and permitting tasks were done concurrently. Savings realized by the BioGAC process (versus GAC only) exceeded $500,000.


WPI also provided decommissioning services for the first operating unit after four years of successful operation. WPI assisted with the transfer of capital equipment to another remediation project.