Remedial Excavations

WPI was founded as a company specializing in the installation of underground storage tanks. We have owned and operated our own bobcats, back hoes, tracked excavators, loaders, vacuum excavators and dump trucks for decades.


Our expertise extends well past the mechanical act of soil removal, and includes the necessary skills of working with other project stake holders (e.g., regulatory agencies, property owners, developers and other contractors) during all phases of the project. We understand (and plan for) project considerations such as Air Quality Management District permitting and monitoring requirements, site ingress and egress traffic control, soil storage/staging/loading areas, excavation shoring, storm water pollution protection during excavation and loading activities, nuisance dust control, excavation confirmation sampling, backfilling/compaction and noise suppression.


To summarize, our staff has a 42+ year institutional knowledge of excavation for the removal of petroleum-impacted soil, the associated cost of such excavations, scheduling requirements and safety considerations. We know the proper equipment to place on the job, and fully understand its capabilities and limitations. This knowledge ensures that remedial excavation projects are completed safely, and almost always on time and within budget.