Underground Storage Tank Upgrades Campaign - 350 Locations


WPI was retained by Shell Oil Products US; Chevron Products Company, Inc, BP Products North America, Inc. and Costco Wholesale, Inc. to install Enhanced Vapor Recovery and In-Station Diagnostic (EVR/ISD) upgrade systems at approximately 350 locations. The EVR systems were a new generation of underground storage tank (UST) emission control equipment designed to meet air quality regulations implemented by the California Air Resources Board. ISD refers to a system that monitors performance of the vapor recovery systems and triggers alarms when potential failures occur. If corrective action is not taken, the ISD system will shut down fuel dispensing to vehicles.  The typical scope of work included:


  • Permitting with the local Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA), local building agency and local fire department
  • Trenching/excavation for equipment installation
  • Installation of electrical conduits
  • Pouring of concrete pad and installation of bollards
  • Installation of EVR Phase II equipment including a clean air separator tank, associated piping, hanging hardware and vacuum motor
  • Installation of the ISD equipment including sensors and monitoring system equipment / software upgrades
  • Perform system startup, coordinate inspections by, and perform witnessed testing for the CUPA, and building / fire department
  • Soil disposal coordination

Additional work included:


  • Installation of  gasoline dispensers
  • Installation of under dispenser containment (UDC)
  • Relocating vents
  • Building block walls
  • Landscaping and other image enhancing items such as trellises, screening and fascia
  • Concrete and asphalt repairs

Installation of these systems requires an expert knowledge of UST control systems, electronics and electrical systems. WPI crews have all required ICC certifications and self performed this work.