WPI recognizes exemplary safety efforts of Jerry Potts


WPI will be recognizing the exemplary safety efforts of Jerry Potts (WPI Field Staff).

On August 24, 2011 while executing dust control measures on the B10 pad area, Jerry drove by the subcontracted demolition crew (Penhall) and noticed an individual whose job was separating the rebar and steel from the debris pile. Jerry observed that the man had left the work area and was resting under a shaded area set up for the crews. Jerry approached him to make sure he was all right. After some discussion with the worker, Jerry properly identified some mild signs of heat exhaustion and escorted him to the climate-controlled WPI office trailer to rest further and hydrate until he felt better.

Scott Hilgenberg relayed the account of Jerry’s actions to Vice President Tom Ritchie later that day and he passed it on to WPI ownership. Jerry received a gift card and recognition in the WPI monthly HSE newsletter.