Portfolio - Specialized Equipment

Because we own and operate such a wide variety of heavy equipment, our clients are assured that their projects are staffed with the correct equipment for the task at hand. Projects requiring heavy equipment are completed in the most cost effective manner. Below are examples of specialized equipment owned and operated by WPI.

WPI owns and operates dump trucks of varying size. All of these vehicles are maintained by WPI.
WPI designed and constructed a fleet of vehicles to conduct 989 testing at fueling facilities. Each vehicle is completely self contained and equipped with all necessary equipment to complete these tests.
We own and operate our own air knife rig. WPI has completed hundreds of utility location and well clearance projects for diverse clients ranging from consulting organization to public entities. Our air knife crews have also developed air knifing...
Our crews are dispatched with everything needed for project completion. We maintain all of our own equipment, providing additional assurance that our equipment is safe, dependable and always in complete working order.
Our fleet includes a variety of support vehicles. These include vans, pickup trucks, and 1 to 5-ton trucks such as the one pictured.
WPI maintains and operates a diverse fleet of company vehicles. These  range from  “18-wheeler” end dumps to hybrid automobiles.
WPI designed and constructed water buffalo trailers such as the one pictured for use by our groundwater monitoring crews. This equipment is licensed to transport non-hazardous well purge water to off-site treatment and storage facilities. Our...
This rig is equipped load levelers and can be used in difficult terrains such as construction sites or off-road locations.