Site Remediation

WPI has been providing remediation services to mitigate contaminants in subsurface soils and groundwater almost since our date of incorporation. We are one of the few environmental corporations to have developed remedial technologies from conception through construction. Our wide range of in-house capabilities have made WPI a leading provider of remediation services, and both WPI and a number of WPI employees hold various patents for the design of remediation equipment.


Our familiarity with the broad range of remediation components and techniques is extra assurance that feasibility studies undertaken by WPI will identify and consider the methods most applicable to site specific conditions and contaminants. Identification of the correct remedial method can result in savings of tens of thousands of dollars in operational cost and consulting fees.


We provide comprehensive services for the procurement and installation of remediation equipment. These include specification of equipment, utility surveys, permitting, construction of treatment compounds, installation and connection of the remediation system and startup and shake down. All of these services are provided with our own personnel.


WPI also provides commercial scale operation, maintenance and monitoring (OM&M) for remediation systems. We employ highly skilled and trained environmental technicians that have the capability to keep any remediation system operating at peak efficiency. Every technician is equipped with a fleet vehicle and all necessary testing and sampling equipment, tools, expendable parts required for immediate adjustments or repairs. In fact, WPI’s expertise in this area is so well recognized that we provide these services for a number of our competitors.


When closure is attained (and we have obtained site closure for numerous clients), WPI can also provide complete decommissioning services. These include removal of the remediation equipments, abandonment of all groundwater and remediation wells, demolition of the treatment compound, abandonment of all underground conveyance piping, disposal of all construction debris and disconnection and relocation of utilities installed for the remediation system. Again, all services are provided by WPI personnel and WPI-owned equipment.