WPI’s Geoscience Department employs more than 50 professionals, including professional geologist and chemical, civil, mechanical, and mining engineers, environmental scientist, biologists and planners. Our professional staff is licensed in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. We provide comprehensive environmental services to a variety of public and private entities in the energy, transportation and development industries.

WPI is committed to providing high quality services to every client. To achieve this goal, we have developed a variety internal QA/QC procedures that benefit our clients, our staff and our company. For example:

  • Every episode of environmental field work is preceded by a Pre-Field Meeting. Attendees include the Site Safety Officer, the Project Manager, and the registered professional proving oversight for the entire project. During this meeting, every aspect of the planned field work is reviewed and literally checked off. Typical review items include permits, utility clearance, updated Health and Safety plan, subcontractor contracts, business owner notifications, equipment storage areas, site egress and ingress, etc.
  • Every work product produced by the Geoscience Department receives a documented peer review and a review by the registered professional that will sign the document. Thie review are comprehensive, including field logs, boring logs, and summary tables as well as the document text and content.
  • Every equipment design is subjected to review by peers and by WPI’s construction personnel to avoid omissions (or design errors) that could result in project delays or increased costs. Pre-construction meetings are held with our operations and maintenance (O&M) crews to ensure that the final design is efficient and does not create circumstances that will make the equipment difficult to service or monitor.
  • Every invoice is reviewed by the appropriate manager to ensure accurate billing and documentation. Invoices are signed by the accounting and project managers before they are mailed.

Finally, our QA/QC procedures themselves are constantly discussed, reviewed, revised and updated. This ensures that these procedures are constantly improving, enhancing our ability to provide reliable and cost-effective high quality services.

Environmental site assessments to evaluate historical site use, identify chemicals of concern historically stored on-site, and evaluate the...

Remedial investigation to evaluate the later and vertical distribution of contaminants in subsurface soil and groundwater, identify potential...

Feasibility assessments to design and implement pilot studies so that potential remedial methods can be evaluated under actual site conditions

Provide support and direction for regulatory agency interactions, including preparation of agency required documents, negotiation of agency...

Litigation support & expert testimony for environmental projects

In-house capability for air-knife underground utility clearing.

Risk assessments to evaluate the effect of residual contaminants on human health and the environment and to guide future land use situation.

In-house capability for well redevelopment and desilting.