Staying Safe

Behavior…… someone sees and reacts to what is around them, at home, in the work place is how an accident is prevented or allowed to happen, Creating a Culture of Safety is all about shaping behavior, teaching each person the tools to shape their behavior….to influence what is going on around them.  Making it safer….It is all about the Behavior.


WPI is committed to a safe work environment for every employee on every site. Behavior-based safety training provides employees with the tools they need to shape their behavior, to provide Hazard Recognition, to eliminate incidents before they occur.


Our employees receive continuous formal training that is supplemented by monthly meetings and two “stand down” safety days per year.  Our internal commitment to safety extends to our vendors and subcontractors.  We require undergo a safety program review annually, adhere to our site specific health and safety plans, and that their employees participate in our training sessions/monthly meetings  Our subcontractor inclusive behavior-based program produces measurable results.  Our Workers Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is below one for the last three years and continues to drop.  WPI is committed to protecting (and contributing to) the health and safety of its employees, subcontractors, and communities.


 Safety is a core value at WPI.  Our leadership  is committed to:


  • Providing all employees the necessary instruction, training and equipment to ensure their health and safety is protected in the workplace
  • Extending Stop Work Authority to every employee when a condition is encountered that the employee feels is unsafe (even if the condition is a commonly used procedure)
  • Reaching out to every subcontractor by making our internal programs available at no charge to their personnel, and requiring their participation in our program throughout the year
  • Providing a Safe and Secure work environment for our Employees and Subcontractors, accomplished by  teaching the behavior-based safety tools to assess conditions in the field, tasks at hand, and select the safe way to complete their work 


Safety……we all do it so we can get home everyday…..safely.