World-Class Client Service

WPI delivers World Class Client Service by aligning our People, Policies, and Processes with our Clients individual needs.

Excellent customer service is the ability of an organization to continually exceed the customer’s expectation

-ACA Group

WPI believes the human element is the foundation of service. All of our people work hard to satisfy the customer. It starts when we answer the phone with a receptionist trained to assist you. We are directly accessible to you in the office, in the field or after hours. We are responsive, getting you what you need efficiently. We know your industry and practice active listening to define your needs. We are here for you.

WPI’s Polices and Processes are designed with the client in mind. Many examples are evident but one stands clear. Our Behavior-based safety program takes care of our people and is compliant with state and federal requirements, while at the same time being tailored to the specific client needs within an industry. Our team fluently operates under client safety programs including Shell Oil, Chevron, and
United States Air Force among others.